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For the third year Russia held International Innovative Forum and Festival rASiA.com the unique event gathering professionals from all over the world. They worked together at several sites simultaneously: MES Summit, TELL Forum and TELL Academy, and also Russian Innovation Pavilion. Organizing committee also offered guests an entertainment program.


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The first day of the forum started.


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rASiA are delighted to announce a partnership with C21Media.net to offer all participants and delegates of rASiA 2014 discounts off C21 on / offline subscriptions and C21 events. C21Media.net is an international publishing and market-leading digital channels business providing up-to-the-minute news, analysis, reports and resources to the global content industry. C21 operates across various platforms including a portfolio of magazines, websites and conferences plus the worlds leading online content and screenings marketplace.


On June 20, 2014 Alexander Shulgin, russian author and composer, founder of the rAsia.com will present the 7th open lecture in the series "13 lectures about the future" named "New Media Space".


One of the key RASIA speakers is Djauhari Oratmangun Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Indonesia. At the special session he will tell about partnership opportunities between Russia and Indonesia.


Besides the issue of economic and political cooperation between Russia and Indonesia, the Forum will also include discussion about one of the main areas of Indonesia‘s economy - tourism. Representatives of the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia, leading tour operators, media representatives of Asian countries and many others will tell their Russian colleagues about the features of tourism in Indonesia.


24 of June 2014, Moscow hosted the "International Summit of technology parks and business incubators." For three days, Russian and international experts were discussing the development directions of technology parks as drivers of the national economy growth with the support of the government. Innovation Forum RASIA.com touches this topic too.


Russia businessmen have recently talked about the failure of the international payment systems Visa and MasterCard. Sometimes it‘s hard to say how today political accidents will affect the economy tomorrow. When we are talking about the next 5 years, the prediction does seem impossible. Question of prediction is one of the key in business, especially when it comes to investments. The Forum RASIA.com includes theme of future payment systems, and it will be discussed by the best experts from around the world.


Today‘s economic growth in Asian countries affects a sphere of education. Russian and European learning differs from the education provided by the Asian countries. Unlike in Europe, Japan or, for example, Indonesian universities provide a lot of opportunities for foreign students.


Asian culture differs from almost all European. Instead of soap operas people in the East watch the daramas, instead of comics of Spider-Man read manga , instead of the usual POP-music Asians listen to songs in the style of C-POP, J-POP, K-POP.


European direction, in terms of building business relationships, does not sound so promising as a few years ago. The reason recent political accidents. Russian business people, realizing the situation, have decided to look the other way at the Asia, where each country attracts businessmen with its economic advantages. Indonesia is one of such countries.


Today marketing is actively developing sphere in Russia. So one of the Forum themes will be marketing, including advertising and PR. One of the professionals in this field, the speaker TELL Forum & Conferences Thierry Cellerin, founder and CEO of BuzzFactory, tell participants about trends of this sphere.


In recent years, almost everybody, who has devices , does not watch TV. However, recently, users have got the opportunity to watch TV programs directly from the tablet. Social Cloud TV system allows users to view any video, which your friends are watching on the other device.


Today in Russia, distance learning is becoming more and more popular, also people start often mention such term as Edutainment. More information about these and other trends, you will know from speakers of the Forum RASIA.COM - world-class experts, but now just a small introduction to the topic.


Mirko Whitfield, responsible for selling and marketing SXSW in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America explains the interest of innovation in SXSWs festival.


RASiA.com is a unique annual event that promotes the exchange of experience and the latest technologies between entrepreneurs from around the world. Forum provides not only business conferences and educational lectures, but also cultural events in the format of the Festival.


The 3d International Innovation Forum & Festival rAsia.com will include the Russian Innovation Pavilion (www.rusipr.com). This Pavilion is an exhibition area, where the latest know-how, new technologies, innovations, IT- solutions, and moreover successful start-up projects in the sphere of tech & media will be presented.


Craig Allen, CEO of Spark Unlimited, a video game company, explains the future of the game industry and all the news innovations !


Guru Ken is the chief editor of big old music news NEWSmuz.com, since already 12 years old. He creates, edits and hosts programmes about new music trends in Russia and in the world on the radio.


Pierre dHuy, innovation professor and consultant, explains his perceptions of innovation.


Discover the future of digital communication!


Billy Koh is the founder & formal CEO of Ocean Butterflies and he has transformed Ocean Butterflies Music into the leading independent music powerhouse in Asia. He has produced more than 200 albums for singers from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, mainland China & the US. Discover his perception of the musics future


The 51st global Content Development and Distribution market for TV and Digital Media goes on in Cannes. This is the worlds most-established TV and digital content market and the biggest gathering of entertainment industry professionals. Top television execs and creative talents from 100 countries converge in Cannes to forge early-stage content development partnerships and seal international distribution deals for the year ahead Whether youre one of 4,000 programme buyers, or amongst of 13500 media-companies, studios heads, producers and distributors, MIPTV is the global TV forum to green light new projects and secure first-look distribution deals for 2014 and beyond.


For start-ups and companies in the media, new media and digital communications will be at the next MIPTV (www.miptv.com) in Cannes, April 6-10, the most important event for the market will be there to talk about : the body content , communications, technology and new media media. 13 500 media companies from around the world will gather to share their experiences , new developments and plans.


Discover news innovations in marketing with IgnitionOne, a global leader in cloud-based digital marketing solutions providing world-class proprietary technology and expert services to improve digital marketing performance. Mirek Wasowicz, Sales director central and eastern Europe, explains to us the online marketing and its future. Creativity is the start in innovation, but later there must be a good plan to execute, otherwise we will not have innovation, just an idea...


Taiwan is the leading stage for worldwide 2 billion Chinese based markets. Due to its uniqueness in political and historical influences from the American, Japanese, Spaniard and Portuguese. Ed Yen, chief creative officer of GCA Entertainment an only bilateral entertainment and business platform in Asia, tells the real potency of Taiwan in the global market.


David Glick is the founder of Edge Investments and is renowned as one of the creative industries pre-eminent dealmakers, he explains his strategies and his coming in rASia.com.


Dauton Janota, CEO & Founder of Pleimo explains how can he brings a 360 degree vision to the music industry. In a same time Pleimo gives the best music to the users and pay, produce and sell artists. Power to people!


Christian Ulf-Hansen, founder of Plan C Management,TV and Film production company comes back this year. He explains the mutation of music and film industries.


Rick Riccobono, an international rights licensing consultant in New Media Law LLP, explains his good experience in rASiA.com and the relation between music and innovation!


Greig Watts, Producer, publisher and owner in DWB Music, speaks about the Asian market and its influence in Europe.


rASiA.com is a communicator platform, different business trends and ideas. Businessmen different spheres are many similarities. Interesting acquaintances sometimes takes multimillion-dollar contracts.


rASiA.com traditionally participated in the annual international festival MIDEM in Cannes. The event was presented a lot of innovative ideas and developments in different areas. Promote their knowledge in the field of open source technology has allowed to gather broad business audience.


rASiA.com is an international innovation Forum and Festival. Its also an innovative platform for networking in order to improve communications within the international business community . rASiA.com is an unique annual event that promotes the exchange of experience and the latest technologies between entrepreneurs from around the world.



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