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Forum Registration
Official registration of the Forum has started.  For any payment or registration queries, please do not hesitate to contact us conference@rasia.com

The cost of participation in the Forum from 5000 rub. up to 99000 rub.

The cost of a
complete package for participant 99000 rubles. :

- 99 000 rubles. ( one participant + 2 persons) until April 15, a 50% discount

- Access to all areas of the business activities

- Access to all areas of the cultural activities

- Personal Manager (assistance in logistics , registration , communication with other participants , etc.)

- Accessing lunches, coffee breaks , etc.

- Access to WI FI

- Handout

- Name badge

The cost for participation in the session "Innovation in the chemical industry" is 59000 rubles.

The cost for participation in the conference 26.06.2014 "Duing business with Indonesia" is 29000 rubles.

The cost for participation in the conference 26.06.2014 "Entertainment
content and games" is 29000 rubles.

The cost for participation in the one-day conferences 27.06.2014‘‘ Media. New media. Tech in media‘‘,‘‘ Telecom: "Wireless and mobile ‘‘,‘‘ Banks. Payment systems. Venture capital‘‘,‘‘ Advertising, promo marketing‘‘,‘‘ Amazing innovations‘‘,‘‘ Women in innovation‘‘ is 29000 rubles.
for "TELL Forum")

Tuition in TELL Academy 1 day is 5000 rub . ( 2 - day is 7000 rub . )

Cost for exhibition space: 1 sq/m is 400 euros / day (2 days is 720 euros), 10 sq/m is 3600 euros / day (2 days is 6000 euros) 

Rates for the cultural part of the event: Tickets for the gala concert (700-2000 rubles) for buying four tickets to fifth as a gift, rent VIP section (6-8 pax) is 12-15000 rubles.

Other options Partner Package: advertising (print, digital, souvenirs), positioning, use of the site for (lunch, dinner, coffeebreak, business breakfast), social surveys for partners, VIP rooms for rent 
(discounts to be discussed personally)

Registration before 15.04.2014 makes 50% discount
Official registration for the Forum will start on April 1. For questions about registration, please contact the address conference@rasia.com


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