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From June 26 to 27, the Digital October held the third International Innovation Forum rASiA.com, which is bigger than last year. On the same site, internationally renowned business leaders will take place.

Business part of the program of this International Innovation Forum of rASiA.com are TELL Forum and Conferences.

Conferences will be represented by the following sessions : "Content and entertainment ", " Telecom: wireless and mobile communications ," " Banks . Payment systems . Venture capital "," media and media technology "," Advertising, promotional marketing ".
«Doing business in Indonesia», « Innovation in the chemical industry ",«Startups and Technoparks», Goverment polotics in the innovations sphere» " Amazing innovation ", "Women and innovation " and others . Conference format provides an active discussion of the most pressing issues of business at the moment . As part of the trick is different round tables , panel discussions , interviews and thematic battles in the classroom.

The world‘s leading experts and industry leaders will take place to discuss about the most pressing issues , share experience and raise the most important topics of the present and future.

On the first day , June 26, held session:

"Content and entertainment ", where experts from different countries to discuss issues of the entertainment industry. There will be also the technoparks and startups summit "Russian Innovation Pavilion".

During the second day of the Forum, June 27 , these sessions will be held:

• " Telecom: Wireless and Mobile Communications "
• " media and media technologies "
• " Banks . Payment systems . Venture Capital "
• " Goverment polotics in innovation spehere "
• " Amazing innovation "
• " Women and Innovation"
• " Advertising, promotional marketing"
• " Doing business with Indonesia"

In 2014, the platform will once again unite rASiA.com innovators from all over the world in order to structure the general knowledge and predictions about the future and update the vector of the global economic system.

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