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Forum and Festival rASiA.com — new horizons of business development

For the third year Moscow holds a remarkable event gathering outstanding Russian and foreign experts. Innovative Forum and Festival rASiA.com is a unique event of international scale. It promotes knowledge and experience exchange between entrepreneurs from all over the world in the sphere of using brand new technologies. Forum provides several sites for bringing global experts together: MES (Media, Entertainment & Sport) Summit, TELL (Technology, Edutainment, Life & Lifestyle) Forum and TELL Academy, and also Russian Innovation Pavilion. The Festival promoting contemporary Asian culture will be held during the days of the Forum.

Key event of the Forum rASiA.com is a unique MES Summit, 26th of June.
MES — is a meeting point of three rapid growing spheres: Media, Entertainment and Sport. MES market volume is about 3 trillion USD. All the three industries are closely connected with IT and during the summit MES leading figures could share knowledge about innovative instruments, learn about promising technologies and also learn how Russian IT sphere can be helpful to global MES. Here experts will discuss the main trends of media development, which entertaining content is being in demand today, and sport events development.

Two other sites will begin to function the same day: Russian Innovation Pavilion и TELL Academy. Russian Innovation Pavilion has a National status and will become an exhibitory space for promising start-up projects and technoparks. Here young professionals, entrepreneurs and engineers will have an opportunity to show to experts newest tech projects and innovations in MES sphere. One of the main objectives of Innovation Pavilion is to promote Russian startups and technology parks worldwide.

TELL Academy is a unique educational section specifically for ambitious young professionals and students. World-class experts will share their experience with future professionals and answer the major questions of the modern economy, and give valuable piece of advice.

Second day of the Forum rASiA.com will hold exclusive TELL Forum, which will post ambitious question: «What awaits for the world tomorrow?». This site participants are CEOs, shareholders and company executives. TELL Forum will bring together major speakers: global leaders from all around the world will analyze interesting cases, tell their stories of success, reveal important trends and show how innovative technologies can help certain sectors of global economies of Russia, Asia and the West.

On the 27th of June the other sites will hold round tables and panel discussions on industries close and subordinate to MES: media and media technology, banks and payment systems, entertainment, marketing, advertising,  and telecommunications an many others.

One main theme for all the sites is the future relations between Russia and Asia. This year the official rASiA.com partner is Indonesia. There will be special session «Doing business with Indonesia».

List of Forum speakers include:

Shaukat Shamim, one of the leading venture investors in Silicon Valley, founder of Youplus, Dezine, Buysight Inc., Rhythm NewMedia, co-founder of NeoCarta Ventures. Was early a member at Yahoo! where he pioneered the development of the instant messaging platform - Yahoo! Messenger.

Gino Yu, professor at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, head of a major group of scientists to create artificial intelligence.

Craig Allen, founder of the company Spark Unlimited – computer games developer, former head of gaming division at «The Walt Disney Company».

Elena Koudreiko, head of Maker Studios, the largest content producer for digital media and YouTube.

Pierre d’Huy, professor of one of the largest universities in France (La Sorbonne CELSA) in Commerce, MBA lecturer in Silicon Valley, author of numerous books in the field of innovation management.

Kerry Chan, leading expert in Asia on local and international marketing of digital projects and social networks marketing. Sun Microsystems/Oracle, Lufthansa, Mont Blanc, G-Star, Emirates, Swissôtel are among her clients.

MirkoWhitfield, one of the heads of SXSW (South by SouthWest) - the world‘s largest event, where started Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare.

Youri Hazanov, YouTube representative.

Djauhari Oratmangun, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in the Russian Federation and Belarus.



Entertaining program at rASiA.com Festival will include four concerts, exhibition and private cocktail and dinner TOP 100 Global Creative Leaders within the Gala Show.

During the Forum, and the Festival rASiA.com video featuring CEOs and speakers - experts from all around the world will be shot.


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