Alexander Shulgin
Author and Composer, Founder of Gruppa Kompaniy Familia, Founder of

Alexander Shulgin is a famous Russian composer and businessman.

As a composer Shulgin has had more than 400 published writings: 250 songs (52 of which were Number 1 in music charts and 7 were awarded for “Song of the Year”) and about 200 instrumental pieces, 20 hit albums, 5 of which were Number 1. He has also had 10 Number 1 albums as co-producer. Shulgin also has worked with a lot of Russian and foreign artists.

Shulgin also was the producer and judge of such popular TV music contests as "Star Factory" (the Russian version of American "Star Academy") on the first national TV-channel and "Become a Star" (the Russian version of "Pop Idol") on the second national TV-channel.
As a businessman:
1889 – has established one of the first Sole Proprietorship companies leading in record entertainment field.
Later there were created co-founded company that was the biggest global major record company in the Russian territory and one of five top consumer electronics companies.
Representatives of such a companies like BASF.
Co-found one of the first record company LAD focused on classical music.
Creating of the Association of Record Companies and distributors BECAR.
Creating of BECAR Record Company where Shulgin was as founder major shareholders (the company was market leader in 1993-1999's)
Creating of Familia companies which was joined together as Gruppa Kompaniy Familia, LLC.
1994 – the first entertainment web-site
1999 – "The First Internet Album" recording
2000 – "The First Internet Album" appears in web for free downloading before its release (after few days of appearing in web released CD has become bestseller)
1994-2000 – working on creating of the first Russian TV-channels, TV-programmes, TV-products
2003-2008 – investments in number of digital and online start-up companies
2004 – founding TV chanel iMusic TV in Frankfurt (Germany)
2007 – co-founding of 5CCG Consulting Company
2009 – opening the second TV-channel iMusic TV Europe
2011 – starts working on pilot creating of seven Kids TV-channels
2012 – launching a new start-up – global event in Moscow consists of Asian Culture Festival Forum focused on content, technology, new media and distribution

Shulgin is also an acclaimed photographer. He has his own columns in federal media and online blogs. He takes part in exhibitions and conferences, gives lectures and seminars in Russia, Asia, Europe and USA. Shulgin has had few governmental awards.