Alexander Olkhovsky
Projects lead, Sberbank of Russia

Over 9 years of experience in telecommunication, e-commerce and digital media.

First business registered in the age of 17 – regional content provider “Mobikon” grown from one-man company to market leader to be later integrated in A1 Group. Founder of – legal software catalog, sold to RBC holding in 2005. Opened first legal Russian distributor of digital music in 2006 – “Music Online”.From 2007 – R&D chief in Next Media holding (, now part of Ogilvy Group). Founder of UniBill– payment service provider with innovative risk management solution that guaranteefraud protection.

Graduated Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation, Financial Management Faculty, Moscow. Diploma topic – “Investment projects efficiency estimation”.

Sberbank today is the largest credit institution in Russia and CIS, accounting for 26% of the aggregate Russian banking assets and 30% of banking capital. According to The Banker magazine, as of July 01, 2010, Sberbank was ranked 43th in the world in terms of Tier 1 capital.

Established in 1841, Sberbank has grown into a universal commercial bank with diversified businesses. Sberbank is the biggest taker of deposits in the country and the key lender to the national economy. As of January 01, 2011, Sberbank accounted for 47,9% of retail deposits, 31% of consumer loans and 31% of corporate loans in Russia.

Sberbank has the largest countrywide branch network with 17 regional head offices and more than 18,880 retail outlets with about 241,000 employees. Elsewhere, Sberbank operates subsidiary banks in Kazakhstan and Ukraine and Belarus, has a representative office in Germany, a branch in India and is building a foothold in China. Under its Development Strategy, the Bank plans to generate about 5% of net income outside Russia by 2014.

Sberbank is closely engaged in international activities through direct settlement agreements, correspondent accounts with over 220 leading credit institutions of the world, trade finance operations and membership in a number of international financial organizations. Close business ties and universal recognition by foreign counterparties enable Sberbank to offer a wide spectrum of financial services to its clients involved in foreign activities, access funding markets abroad and keep up with the best international practices.

Sberbank’s shares have been publicly traded on MICEX and RTS since 1996. In March 2007, the Bank increased shareholder capital by 12% through the SPO, raising 230.2 bln RUB in new capital. Sberbank’s average daily turnover makes about 35% of total MICEX turnover.

As of April 16, 2010, CBR owned 60.3% of Sberbank’s ordinary shares and 57.6% of its total share capital, being Sberbank’s controlling shareholder. The remaining shares are held by more than 263,000 institutional and private investors. Non-resident ownership of about 32% suggests Sberbank’s shares are a compelling investment.

Sberbank’s solid business reputation is confirmed by its international ratings: BBB long term issuer default rating from Fitch Ratings and a long term foreign currency deposit rating of Baa1 from Moody’s Investors Service. The Bank has the highest national scale rating of

Approved in October 2008, the Development Strategy till 2014 is aimed at developing Sberbank’s enormous potential and making it even more competitive. Prudent risk management, cost optimization and higher efficiency incentives will help Sberbank to weather the current financial turmoil, maintain leadership in the Russian financial system and become one of leading global financial institutions.