Christian Ulf-Hansen
co-owns a TV and Film production company, Big Feat Films

Started in Music Business in 1981, at PRS (the Performing Right Society), worked his way up to become Membership Representative, the focal business and creative liaison person for PRS for songwriters and publishers and representing the company to the music business in general, and being responsible for major overhauling of PRS's reputation amongst the business.

In 1992 headhunted by the US organisation BMI (Broadcast Music Inc) with a more International role, responsible for Europe, which included showcasing acts, shopping record and publishing deals, putting together co-writes, A&Ring and compiling US radio promotion albums, pitching songs, etc. .

In 2002, started his own management company, Plan C, with a forward thinking, International outlook. Highlights in Management included finding, developing and signing his client, Teitur, to Universal Records US (signed by Doug Morris), who played more than 350 US shows, getting his songs in 2 Hollywood movies, TV shows, producing other artists etc. In 2006 he took Teitur away from Universal, and started a label to make records and license them out to partners and exploit them worldwide through Syncs, Touring and International hard work. Other past clients include Tobias Froberg from Sweden, who has had his songs used by Panasonic, Toyota etc in Ads, US TV shows, Films, a whole Swedish TV series (entirely Tobias songs!); also found and developed songwriter/artist Jamie Hartman (Ben's Brother/Will Young/Jason Mraz), Marc Nelkin (Kesha), and helped develop Corinne Bailey Rae (getting 3 songs on her 4 million selling debut). Plan C clients recently have a major French ad running, a song on Seal's album and 2 other European platinum acts, and worldwide touring. Recently Christian raised the investment for one of his producers, Ken Rose, to start his own label, Telescopic Baby, which has now signed 5 acts.

Christian also co-owns a TV and Film production company, Big Feat Films, with a well known actor and producer, and they are currently making an animated TV series and developing a slate of films, for which he is the Executive Producer and Music Supervisor. He also owns a small, boutique publishing company.