Konstantin Khankhalaev
producer and owner of the Gallery Khankhalaev

Konstantin Khankhalaev is a producer and owner of the Gallery Khankhalaev.An avid music lover from his youth, Konstantin organized one of the first recording studios in his native Irkutsk. In the 80-ies he was closely acquainted with musicians from various rock-clubs all across the former USSR. Later on Konstantin worked as a manager of musician AleksandrBarykin, rock-groups “Chaif” and “Nautilus Pompilius” and wasone of the organizers of the Clear Water Rock Festival, during which rock musicians travelled along the Volga River raising awareness of its environmental problems through rock music.

In the late 90-ies Konstantin Khankhalaev started cooperation with sculptor DashiNamdakov and soon Dashi became well-known not only in Russia, but also abroad.Dashi’s exhibitions were held with great success in Moscow, Saint Peterburg, New York, Taipei. His works were acquired by the Russian State Hermitage Museum, Taiwan National Museum, personal collections ofVladimir Putin and Uma Thurman.

At the same time Konstantin started a new music project “Badma-Khanda” – ancientBuryat folk songs authentically performed byBadmakhanda, a singer with unique and powerful voice, accompanied byBuryatfolk instruments.

The Gallery Khankhalaev was founded in 2000. In 2005 the Gallery started cooperation with a young painter ZoriktoDorzhiev.

Currently the Gallery Khankhalaev works with Buryat artists ZoriktoDorzhiev, BalzhinimaDorzhiev, ZhamsoRadnaev, BatoDashitsyrenov and Russian artists that live in Moscow, Germany and the US. Gallery Khankhalaevis a regular participant in the most prominent art fairs and exhibitions:Art Miami (US), Art Expo (US), Art Taipei (Taiwan), Art Moscow (Russia) and others. Konstantin Khankhalaev is the only producer, after film actor ValeriyInkizhinov (Valéry Inkijinoff), who has successfully promoted Buryat culture in the world arena.