Bill Yanbin Zang
Shanghai Synergy Culture & Entertainment Group

Vice President of Shanghai Synergy Culture & Entertainment Group, Chairman of China Recording Industry Committee, Vice President of China Audio-Video Association

Bill Zang (Zang YanBin) started his music career when he joined the Shanghai Audio-Video Pressing (SAVP) in 1987. In 1992 Bill became the Vice President of SAVP. At the early stage, SAVP focused in licensing titles with the major labels (Warner, Sony, Universal, EMI, BMG), Disney, and Rock. Under Bill’s leading, SAVP became China No. 1 music label in 1995 and retain top-selling with over 200 million RMB net sales income per year. With Bill and his team, they consolidated SAVP as the leading music label in China.

Bill became SAVP president in 1995. Under his guidance, SAVP started artist agency and A&R in its business. They signed well-known Chinese artists such as: Li Shuangjiang, Guang Mucun, Dong Wenha, Peng Liyuan, Li Guiyi, Wu Yanzhe. SAVP produced over 100 titles for different generations and won numerous national awards. Later SAVP set up the first foreign joint-venture with Sony and signed several superstars such as: Liu Huan, SunYue, Mao Ning, Huang Zen, Jin Haixing etc.

In 2000, Rock Record from Taiwan invited Bill to head their China operation. Immediately he expanded Rock Record into music production, products marketing & national distribution system. In five years with Bill’s lead, Rock Record became the fifth record label in China.

In January 2007, Shanghai Media and Entertainment Group (SMEG), one of the largest media entertainment groups in China, invited Bill to become the Vice President of Shanghai Synergy Culture & Entertainment Group (SSCEG). His task was to reform the SSCEG that were merged from previous Shanghai Audio-Video Press, Shanghai Audio-Video Co., Shanghai Disc Production and 13 other units. This new venture is to develop international music presence in China, discover Chinese talent for international market and set up the advance digital technology to bring Chinese music scene into the modern status. In 2008 Shanghai Synergy Group becomes the no.1 distribution company in China.

In December 2009 Bill was invited by the China Central Government to become the Chairperson of the Board of Governors for the “China Audio-Visual Recording Industry Association,” a China-wide industry association responsible for the economic and creative development of China’s music, visual and film industries. This association is responsible for 1) defining and influencing China’s media policies, 2) supervising and regulating China’s media industries to protect the rights of consumers, and 3) ensure fairness in business and economic activities for domestic and foreign businesses in China. This is major career milestone for Bill as a nationally recognized executive leader and industry expert.

Bill is currently the Vice President of China Audio-Video Association; Chairman of China Recording Industry Committee, Board Member of China Audio-Video Copyright Association; Vice Chairman of Shanghai Audio Publishing and Production Association and the Executive Board Member of Shanghai Music Products Distribution Association.