Jean Hsiao Wernheim
a-Peer Holding Group

International Chief Executive, Shanghai Synergy Culture and Entertainment Group; Co-Founder of a-Peer Holding Group.

Jean, an American and Swedish citizen, grew up in Taiwan where she was exposed to a wide range of business and media professionals from around the world. She has over 25 years experience in the media industry and in international marketing.

In the early 1990’s Jean and her Swedish husband moved to Stockholm. Jean’s extensive expertise in international business and marketing attracted the attention of MNW Records, the largest Swedish independent record label, and soon landed her a job as International Director. In this role Jean helped many talented Swedish artists to release their music world-wide. Her credits include:

• Bringing the first western indie rock band, This Perfect Day, to perform at Beijing in 1995;
• Releasing the award winning harp music albums played by Monica Ramos in over 50 countries in along with a successful concert tour in 6 cities in China during 1998;
• Identifying top talent and hit songs which helped the world-wide hit “One in a Million”, by the artist Bosson, to be nominated as Best Film Sound Track at Golden Globe Award.

While living in the U.S. Jean worked with American businesses and industries in marketing their products in Asian markets. In the early 1980’s Jean spearheaded international marketing campaigns to promote and develop new export markets for Wisconsin businesses. Her hard work and practical results earned widespread praise, including a personal commendation from the then Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thomson, who later became the US Secretary of Health and Human Services, for her professionalism and success in promoting and marketing Wisconsin products in the international market.

At the end of 2006, Jean works closely with her partner, Ed Yen, founded an innovative digital music business platform, a-Peer Holding Group in USA, principal lead in international sales and marketing activities for both international and Chinese music and media industries. In 2007, a-Peer entered negotiation with the newly reformed Shanghai Synergy Culture and Entertainment Group to set up the joint venture company in Shanghai, the joint venture launched in 2008.

Synergy Group is part of Shanghai Media and Entertainment Group, one of the world’s most powerful and influential Chinese-language media and entertainment groups, who operates 13 analog TV channels (7 cable channels covering Shanghai area, 4 terrestrials for Shanghai and neighboring areas, and 2 satellite channels for domestic and overseas subscribers), 11 analog radios, 16 national digital pay channels, 1 broadband online TV, 1 mobile phone TV, and 1 national IPTV service platform, 5 newspapers and magazines, and 5 sports clubs.

In the mean time, Shanghai Synergy Group invited Jean to become their Chief International Executive in handling their music, TV, electronic games and film content for both licensing in and out for the international market.