Goldkartz is a Malaysian music duo consisting of two Sikh brothers - Manjit Singh Gill and Sukhjit Singh Gill. They make Punjabi-inspired dance music.


Hello! Im really please to collaborate with musicians from different country, thanks to them I gain more music knowledge and they help me to have different musical sparks in my music creation. Collaboration with musicians is indeed a very enjoyable sharing.


Being an artist in the XXI century it is for me to be open to the world! The world of music is becoming increasingly international. Today if I want I can go play and share music anywhere with Internet and also through low cost means of rapid transportation.


We created this group when the relationship between Japan - China - Korea got worse during the past 50 years. 3 different nationalities: its the most important essence of SAGA Even though its hard to accept each others opinions completely concerning politics. Music can directly connect hearts and feelings beyond borders. Thats why we decided to create SAGA, to reconnect our countries through th heart. We believe tensions and tough borders will be gone in not far future.


At just 21 years, Abi F Jones has already started to make her mark ont the music business industry. She was managed to hit the top twenty in Norway and had a cut on major Coca Cola advert. Her debut UK single Burn it up it set for release on 7th of April 2014. A feel good melodic pop ballad with a strong uplifting message showcases Abi as a creative songwriter and flourishing artist.