We created this group when the relationship between Japan - China - Korea got worse during the past 50 years. 3 different nationalities: it’s the most important essence of SAGA Even though it’s hard to accept each other‘s opinions completely concerning politics. Music can directly connect hearts and feelings beyond borders. That’s why we decided to create SAGA, to reconnect our countries through th heart. We believe tensions and tough borders will be gone in not far future.

Our unique point is that we are focusing on how to mix the music DNA from our 3 countries into 1 song. Our first mission is to connect China - Korea and Japan, we need to let all people from those countries understand that our process of making music is similar to our conversation. Every time we talk about our origins, we know more about our differences and similarities. At the same time it helps all of us know the speciality of ourselves when we find the difference in others. It is like a mirror. You can see what you look like when you look into mirror, this mirror shows beautiful “ differences “ with our reflection.

To us, as Asians, there is some kind of depth that Euro music has which is closer to us than American music. Also that was big shock to Rio when t.A.T.u came to Japan. Their music was a big shock and sensational but at the same time somehow nostalgic.

I don’t know if it’s only me or all Japanese people though, I believe we have some kind of same origin on ethnic roots. I want to study and know more about Russian traditional music and hybrid it into our music DNA.

Our music is sung in 4 languages English - Japanese - Chinese – Korean. First we write the lyrics in all 4 different languages and we pick out the best part from each language and make 1 multi language version. We prepare other versions in case, for example, we perform in one of our own countries.

rASiA’s festival will be our first performance in a Western Country. We want to do our best so that our music also reaches your hearts. We want to expand our network in Asia more and more in order to become an inspiration. This year we are planning a world tour in as many countries as we can. So we want to meet many people who share an interest with us and want to collaborate at any level.