David Serero

Being an artist in the XXI century it is for me to be open to the world! The world of music is becoming increasingly international. Today if I want I can go play and share music anywhere with Internet and also through low cost means of rapid transportation.

I have always loved and admired the way the Russians to engage 100% in their art. I am fascinated by their culture. I learned a lot the bottom because I was first in R. Korsakov Conservatory in St. Petersburg before joining the Mariinsky Theatre Valery Gergiev by. I know Moscow very well, I sing about 4 times per year. I love this city, its excesses and its audience. I‘ve sung at the Tchaikovsky Moscow room with Iosif Kobzon and Zarina Maliti. I am very pleased today to have learned Russian I speak fluently.

 This festival is a way to show my expertise to a wider audience, the music industry and professionals. This is ideal! Because to judge an artist, you have to see him on stage.

I think I will sing a mixture of my repertoire: Opera, Broadway, French songs and even Russian songs!

I am a singer Opera baritone but soon I got to know me to interpret all types of directories. I immediately understood that it was important for me to travel and go musical experiences abroad, as I am young and not married! I studied in New York at the age of 20 years, then in St. Petersburg and never being afraid to go to distant commitments.