Abi F Jones, singer from UK.

At just 21 years, Abi F Jones has already started to make her mark ont the music business industry. She was managed to hit the top twenty in Norway and had a cut on major Coca Cola advert. Her debut UK single « Burn it up » it set for release on 7th of April 2014. A feel good melodic pop ballad with a strong uplifting message showcases Abi as a creative songwriter and flourishing artist.

I began singing at the age of 4 where I played ‘mary‘ in the school nativity! I was so nervous that I cried before going on stage! It is important for me to sing with foreign artists so that I can learn about their culture, their individual style and the different way in which they work. I feel like music does an amazing job at thawing ice relationships between different areas as it says things that we may not usually say. It is important to me to conserve my own language and my culture but I also enjoy embracing other cultures and languages with open arms. We can all learn a lot from each other. Especially when it comes to our music.