Goldkartz is a Malaysian music duo consisting of two Sikh brothers - Manjit Singh Gill and Sukhjit Singh Gill. They make Punjabi-inspired dance music.

Goldkartz consisting of M-Ji & Surj started way back in 2003. Although both of us have had education in Music when we were in our teenage age, we both had different interest. I (M-Ji) was into Synthesizer, Sampling machines and Groovebox and Surj was into Percussions such as the Indian Dhol, Table, Drums and so on. Back in the days, Surj and myself teamed up and we began performing at gigs, electro tribal club music. We began to realize that we had an interesting combination of electro synth and world tribal fusion. After performing that genre for a year, we began producing our first album and got into singing Urban Bhangra genre tracks which is in Punjabi language.  We launched our first album in 2008 called ‘Loaded’ which was distributed by EMI in Malaysia.

After the launch of our first album in 2008, which was only in Malaysia, we eventually began getting bookings in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, India and Australia. It was then clear then that our music, although was not mainstream, but it had no boundaries and would be accepted Internationally. Wherever we performed, in Asia, Europe and Australia, although the crowd did not understand the language that we were performing, but all audience showed a lot of support and love towards the music, and would always have an amazing experience with the performance!

We wanted to take the opportunity on the second album launch in 2011 to also broadcast our music to other countries and to show in particular what our music coming from Malaysia, a South East Asian country has to offer.

On stage, we may be first performing a traditional music, and the next track will be a serious electro tribal fusion. That is just what we are.  We produce tracks that we enjoy listening and producing ourselves. We never limit our music style and do not create any boundaries to our music. 

We have always looked into broadcasting our music Internationally. We are glad that we are acknowledged as the first South East Asian to perform and produce Urban Bhangra Music internationally. We are also known as the Malaysia’s Bhangra Ambassadors. We are encouraged by all this acknowledgements and believe that this is just the beginning of our great journey in music.