Don is a Chinese singer who had already collaborated with foreigners’ singers

Hello! I’m really please to collaborate with musicians from different country, thanks to them I gain more music knowledge and they help me to have different musical sparks in my music creation. Collaboration with musicians is indeed a very enjoyable sharing.

Learning one’s language and understand one’s culture will bring each other closer. It for that I don’t sing only in Chinese. In fact I have been listening more English songs than Chinese from my youth and I have also done several English cover recordings on my own. But it is very important to conserve our own language and culture. Art, culture and music are tied deeply into one’s language. I think it’s always very interesting to guess where one is coming from by theirspeaking language.

Asia’s music like K-pop & J-pop are getting more & more popular in West.That is one of the reason in making Asia & Europe increasingly close, I hope C-pop will join & follow K-pop & J-pop to be the next big things in the West. Of course, I’m interesting to the West culture. Although I was born and grew up in China, I have always thirst to know more about the happenings in the West, especially music trend. Usher’s song ‘Yeah’ was the 1st English song I had when I was 13.

I learn about the West mainly from the films, music and also their fashion while watching the music videos.                                                                                                                                

I have never been to Europe but my first impression of Europe is: “IT’S COOL”!  European’s music is very different from American’s mainstream pop, their underground rock group has its very own unique style which is very new and fresh to my music creation. I would also learn more about the music trend in Europe and find opportunity to collaborate with European musicians.