Bill Yanbin Zang
Vice President of Shanghai Synergy Culture & Entertainment Group, Chairman of China Recording Industry Committee, Vice President of China Audio-Video Association

Bill Zang (Zang YanBin) started his music career when he joined the Shanghai Audio-Video Pressing (SAVP) in 1987. In 1992 Bill became the Vice President of SAVP. At the early stage, SAVP focused in licensing titles with the major labels (Warner, Sony, Universal, EMI, BMG), Disney, and Rock. Under Bill’s leading, SAVP became China No. 1 music label in 1995 and retain top-selling...

Международная конференция в рамках сессии Форума "Инновационные банковские технологии 2012. Современные решения".
The International Conference within the Forum session “Innovative Banking Technologies 2012. Advanced solutions.”
четверг 17 мая 09:30

Международная конференция в рамках Форума RASIA 2012 "Инновационные банковские технологии 2012. Современные решения! Финансовое и инвестиционное сотрудничество банков Азии и России."

площадка:Digital October

В развитие новой цифровой среды свою роль вносят и банки. При увеличении товарооборота в e-коммерции, монетизация многих сервисов, увеличении потока электронных денег, новые инновационные решения, платежные системы и бизнес-модели предлагают представители мировой банковской системы.

Друзья, у нас есть две новости – хорошая и хорошая! С какой начать?

Давайте по порядку, новость первая! Внимательно почитав все ваши отзывы и сомнения по поводу того, на какой же все-таки концерт пойти, 16 или 17 мая, а также сотни обращений в личку и на e-mail, мы приняли решение объединить концерты и сделать один удобный для всех концерт 17-го мая!
Thursday 17 May 14:00

Session: “New media. Actual advertisement and marketing solutions”

place:Digital October

The advertisement is the mover of commerce and for all digital sphere. The advertisement advances together with media. New media advance in many sectors and countries getting ahead traditional media. The quantity of the advertisement in Internet and mobile sphere is often bigger than traditional sectors of advertisement but there are new opportunities and new instruments for marketing and for advertisement campaigns. New media and advertisement synergism gives great forecasts for the future and some of them have already given record results. The speakers from Asia will share their experience in new media.

Thursday 17 May 10:00

Session “Innovative banking technologies of 2012. Modern solutions. Financial and investment partnership of Russian and Asian banks”

place:Digital October

Banks play their part in new digital sphere development. The representatives of world banking system will present new innovative solutions , payment systems and business models in parallel with e-commerce sales volume increasing, monetization of many services, stream of e-money.

Wednesday 16 May 10:00

Session: “Entertainment indusrty and the content”

place:Digital October

It is not a secret that content of big size such as audio, music videos, animation, films, games are the main driving force in the digital space. Every day hundreds of millions of people look for such content in the Internet, listen to it, watch, load, share and also create it. For many sectors of big and serious business which is growing in the digital sphere the user's acting with entertainment models, models of preference, recommendations are the base for analytics researches and serious questions decisions making.

Vice President of Product Management Qualcomm CDMA Technologies (QCT)

Raj Talluri serves as vice president of product management for Qualcomm CDMA Technologies (QCT). He is responsible for managing Qualcomm’s applications processor technologies and wired connectivity solutions for the Company’s chipset platforms.

Bill Yanbin Zang
Shanghai Synergy Culture & Entertainment Group

Vice President of Shanghai Synergy Culture & Entertainment Group, Chairman of China Recording Industry Committee, Vice President of China Audio-Video Association

The first international large-scale event was held in May 2012 in Moscow. There were no events of such a level in Moscow before. 2012 consisted of two parts - Forum and Festival. 
The second day of Forum was more lively. While Sessions were continuing in main conference hall there were also seminars and lectures in additional rooms. 
About the first day read here.
Первый день работы Форума 2012 начался с Сессии "Индустрия развлечений и контент". 
Вторая Сессия 1-го дня Форума "Интернет и беспроводные мобильные технологии". 
The second day of Forum 2012. 
The first Session "Innovative Banking Technologies of 2012. Modern Solutions. Financial and Investment Partnership of Russian and Asian Banks". 
The second day of Forum 2012. 
The second Session "New Media. Advanced Advertizing and Marketing Solutions".