Thursday 17 May 10:00

Session “Innovative banking technologies of 2012. Modern solutions. Financial and investment partnership of Russian and Asian banks”

place:Digital October

Banks play their part in new digital sphere development. The representatives of world banking system will present new innovative solutions , payment systems and business models in parallel with e-commerce sales volume increasing, monetization of many services, stream of e-money.

Wednesday 16 May 14:00

Session: “Internet and wireless mobile technologies”

place:Digital October

Digital sphere grows everyday. There are practically no companies who did not place part of their business in this digital sphere and some of them placed the whole business into digital sphere and settled down there. The weight of such fact either it's perspectives which are making known not only for social communications but also for wide business aspects is incontestable. And there are even more perspectives in the wireless technologies sphere now. The new generation networks LTE will intercharge fixed connection including Internet. What will it be? How it will be? What benefits you can get knowing and using new services? Answers for all these questions you will be able to know at “Internet and wireless mobile technologies” session.

Alexander Olkhovsky
Projects lead, Sberbank of Russia

Over 9 years of experience in telecommunication, e-commerce and digital media.

First business registered in the age of 17 – regional content provider “Mobikon” grown from one-man company to market leader to be later integrated in A1 Group. Founder of – legal software catalog, sold to RBC holding in 2005. Opened first legal Russian distributor of digital music in 2006 – “Music Online”.From 2007 – R&D chief in Next Media holding (, now part of Ogilvy Group). Founder of UniBill– payment service provider with innovative risk management solution that guaranteefraud protection.

Graduated Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation, Financial Management Faculty, Moscow. Diploma topic – “Investment projects efficiency estimation”.