В понедельник, 2 апреля в Совете Федерации Федерального Собрания РФ прошла пресс-конференция, посвященная развитию сотрудничества России и стран Азии. С 16 по 18 мая в Москве пройдет первый российско-азиатский форум rASiA.com, направленный на укрепление деловых и культурных связей между странами.

The first Russia and Asia Forum within rASiA.com - one of the biggest international events in Moscow, Russia and Asian countries business society press conference took place on Thursday, April 26. The official programme of the Forum, the participating countries and the main plans and perspectives of the Forum were announced during the confererence.
Wednesday 16 May 14:00

Session: “Internet and wireless mobile technologies”

place:Digital October

Digital sphere grows everyday. There are practically no companies who did not place part of their business in this digital sphere and some of them placed the whole business into digital sphere and settled down there. The weight of such fact either it's perspectives which are making known not only for social communications but also for wide business aspects is incontestable. And there are even more perspectives in the wireless technologies sphere now. The new generation networks LTE will intercharge fixed connection including Internet. What will it be? How it will be? What benefits you can get knowing and using new services? Answers for all these questions you will be able to know at “Internet and wireless mobile technologies” session.

Wednesday 16 May 10:00

Session: “Entertainment indusrty and the content”

place:Digital October

It is not a secret that content of big size such as audio, music videos, animation, films, games are the main driving force in the digital space. Every day hundreds of millions of people look for such content in the Internet, listen to it, watch, load, share and also create it. For many sectors of big and serious business which is growing in the digital sphere the user's acting with entertainment models, models of preference, recommendations are the base for analytics researches and serious questions decisions making.

Anastassia was born in Russia. Graduater from Moscow National University, then she went to Germany and made a soaring career. She held high positions in such companies as Mercedes, Deutsche Telekom, and today Anastassia is the Senior Vice-President of global operations of Qualcomm company, which is the leader in wireless telecommunication facilities.

Annelies van den Belt
SUP Media

Annelies van den Belt has been the chief executive of SUP Media since 2008. 

Annelies came to SUP Media with an extensive experience in managing commercial online ventures. 

Previously she was the managing director of the broadband division of Britain’s leading commercial broadcaster, ITV. Before that she ran the online divisions of online newspapers, the Times and the Daily Telegraph. 

Prior to these high profile British media positions she worked as the publisher of The Moscow Times and a number of other major Independent Media titles in Russia.

Alexander Olkhovsky
Projects lead, Sberbank of Russia

Over 9 years of experience in telecommunication, e-commerce and digital media.

First business registered in the age of 17 – regional content provider “Mobikon” grown from one-man company to market leader to be later integrated in A1 Group. Founder of Softbox.ru – legal software catalog, sold to RBC holding in 2005. Opened first legal Russian distributor of digital music in 2006 – “Music Online”.From 2007 – R&D chief in Next Media holding (Promo.ru, now part of Ogilvy Group). Founder of UniBill– payment service provider with innovative risk management solution that guaranteefraud protection.

Graduated Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation, Financial Management Faculty, Moscow. Diploma topic – “Investment projects efficiency estimation”.

Jean Hsiao Wernheim
a-Peer Holding Group

International Chief Executive, Shanghai Synergy Culture and Entertainment Group; Co-Founder of a-Peer Holding Group.

Alexander Shulgin
Author and Composer, Founder of Gruppa Kompaniy Familia, Founder of rASiA.com

Alexander Shulgin is a famous Russian composer and businessman.

As a composer Shulgin has had more than 400 published writings: 250 songs (52 of which were Number 1 in music charts and 7 were awarded for “Song of the Year”) and about 200 instrumental pieces, 20 hit albums, 5 of which were Number 1. He has also had 10 Number 1 albums as co-producer. Shulgin also has worked with a lot of Russian and foreign artists.

Shulgin also was the producer and judge of such popular TV music contests as "Star Factory" (the Russian version of American "Star Academy") on the first national TV-channel and "Become a Star" (the Russian version of "Pop Idol") on the second national TV-channel.
В мае в Москве состоялось первое международное крупномасштабное мероприятие rASiA.com 2012. Примечательно, что раньше событий такого уровня в Москве не проходило. rASiA.com – двусоставное мероприятие, включающее в себя Форум и Фестиваль. Первая часть моего рассказа будет посвящена Форуму, а во второй я расскажу про Фестиваль.
The first international large-scale event rASiA.com was held in May 2012 in Moscow. There were no events of such a level in Moscow before. rASiA.com 2012 consisted of two parts - Forum and Festival. 
День второй форума rASiA.com 2012 выдался более насыщенным. Одновременно с сессиями в главном конференц-зале в дополнительных залах проходили еще семинары и лекции.
О первом дне читайте здесь.
The second day of rASiA.com Forum was more lively. While Sessions were continuing in main conference hall there were also seminars and lectures in additional rooms. 
About the first day read here.
Preslava Fentham-Fletcher
How Do You Do Moscow

Preslava is a project developer and team leader at How Do You Do Moscow. She, together with four other girls, has developed this unique for Russia new media project. 

Prior to her involvement as a founding member at How Do You Do Moscow, she has worked as a journalist, advertising director in international Advertising agencies and as professional corporate fundraiser in UK charities.



rASiA.com team attended welcome day of Berlin School of Creative Leadership taking place on 6th September in "BBDO Kitchen". Berlin School of Creative Leadership was opened in 2006, but success is already huge – one in ten graduates wins international contests. 16% awards of the most upmarket event in advertising – Cannes Lions 2011 – were taken by its graduates.

Berlin School of Creative Leadership gives great attention to creative approach in any sphere and prepares leaders in advertising, media, entertainment and close fields. 

Clark Parsons, Managing Director of Berlin School of Creative Leadership came to Moscow and told about the school, problems of modern educational system, and why it is so important to educate for creative leadership.

rASiA.com is going to work closely with Berlin School of Creative Leadership. A number of sessions orginized by rASiA.com together with III Baikal Venture Fair and XXII Russian Venture Fair and Berlin School of Creative Leadership will be held during the next rASiA.com event - rASiA.com Visiting Session taking part on 20-21 September in Irkutsk. 

There is a stand for awards in "BBDO Kitchen". The awards was taken by BBDO Moscow on international contents. rASiA.com team was happy to find two awards from USA, which are directly relevant to rASiA.com. This is AdVision Awards, where Alexander Shulgin (rASiA.com Founder) is judge from Russia. Alexander was directly involved in BBDO awarding. The awards became a symbol that collaborations between rASiA.com and BBDO will make creative progress.

Cannes, 7-10 October, - the world's entertainment content market MIPCOM 2012. This MIPCOM was very unusual both for organizers, so for frequent visitors. The quantity companies and participants were 25-30% more than expected one by its organizers, world-wide company Reed MIDEM.

I would like to divide the event into few main parts:
- market
- conference 
- networking

Выставка следовала за тенденциями, которые обсуждались в рамках конференций и круглых столов. Поэтому большее внимание я хочу уделить этой части - она была познавательной и образовательной для многих участников MIPCOM и почти для всех слушателей.

Еще осенью прошлого года мы вели дискуссию с представителями Reed MIDEM в Москве о том, как важно менять формат форумов, лекций, конференций, круглый столов, то есть содержательной части мероприятий Reed MIDEM. Я предложил свой формат, свое видение – и именно таким в этом году я увидел MIPCOM. Конечно, не надо понимать, что Reed MIDEM принял во внимание мое мнение, несмотря на наши 25-летние дружеские отношения. Но выглядело все именно так, как я это видел - вместо сотен спикеров разного калибра, которые порой создавали неразбериху в темах, мы увидели редчайших спикеров современности в тех фокусах, на которые была направлена тема сессии.

Но обо всем по порядку. Итак, день ноль.

Сбор всех гостей, приезд всех участников. Только что закончился MIPCOM Junior - мероприятие, сфокусированное на детском контенте и анимации. Завтра начнется MIPCOM, а сегодня, 7 октября, вечером... вау! Российское мероприятие. Наконец-то! Централ Партнершип объявляет российский вечер и приглашает в клуб Babylon, что рядом с гостиницей Carlton, на "1812" Party.

В ожидании начала вечеринки мы с моими друзьями из Берлинской школы креативного лидерства - Кларком Парсонсом, Emily Olman и Каталиной из Канады ужинаем на террасе Ritz Carlton. 10 часов, и вот мы в клубе Babylon. В небольшом помещении русских как омулей в Байкале. Ведущий что-то рассказывает - то ли об истории России "в прекрасный день Бородино", то ли о моментах съемок теледрамы "1812", на что публика реагирует бурными возгласами. Но все замолкают, когда на сцену выходит Мадам. Она начала петь, и после нескольких слов я понял, что Мадам это наша русская мадам. А еще через какое-то время я услышал пару знакомых мелодий, и спросил, кто это? Мне сказали - да ты что, это же Света! Я устыдился, что не знаком с русской действительностью, хотя не скрою, пара песен ("я теперь совсем другая") мне откуда-то знакома. Однако остается загадкой, при чем здесь "1812", Наташа Ростова, Пьер Безухов, поручик Ржевский в конце концов и… вот это вот наше все Света.

Затем я встретил прекрасных своих знакомых в лице другой Светы и ее мужа, моего приятеля Mhedy Duss, и немного пообщавшись с ними, удалился на столь приятной ноте.

Однако, прежде чем завершить рассказ о дне 0 мне хотелось бы заметить, что и часть вечеринки, и все, что было связано на MIPCOM с 1812, вынесла на своих плечах сотрудница Централ Партнершип - Женя Шадрина, но об этом чуть позже.

Александр Шульгин,
специально для rASiA.com

Moscow, November 20-21, - Big event for TV industry - Le Rendez-Vous Moscou 2012 - took place in Moscow. Russian TV society met their foreign colleagues and discuss future plans of market developing. rASiA.com took part in the event for the purpose of expanding its activity and popularization of innovations into mass market on the example of TV industry. 

Le Rendez-Vous took place in National Hotel with the best view for autumn Red Square. There were fruitful business meetings during two days of the event, and a coctail for participants in the evening where all the discussion continued in less formal atmosphere. 

Mathieu Bejot, Executive Director of TV France International – organizer of Le Rendez-Vous Moscou – greeted participants and told about succsessful work of his company in TV market and how the market will expand in the future.

rASiA.com negotiated to Mathieu Bejot about the expanding and sharing experiences in the context of innovations in TV industry and new forms of content - digital, interactive, cross-platform - from French colleagues. This idea had great responce from French delegation and will be presented next year. 

Specially for rASiA.com Mathieu commented the event:

"It's already seventh time Le Rendez-Vous taking place in Moscow, and we already have our vision for Russian TV market - how and where everything is moving. We like to work with Russia, with Russian TV market. And it's great to be here even though we have a lot of TV events in the world. For example, MIPCOM is great, but when we are here in Moscow we think only about Russia, about local market every minute, 24 hours. And it's more succsessful! This year there were 35 companies at Le Rendez-Vous Moscou, and it's great! It's more than we had last time. Next year we would like to see more producers. For production it's already enough. And of course as we agreed we are going to find new platforms, including mobile, new content and we would like to see more people involved in TV industry. And maybe next time we will come not only to Moscow, but to St-Petersburg also."

Anna Avstriyskaya, Head of rASiA.com, and Mathieu Bejot, Executive Director of TV France International