Jean Hsiao Wernheim
International Chief Executive, Shanghai Synergy Culture and Entertainment Group;
Co-Founder of a-Peer Holding Group.

Jean, an American and Swedish citizen, grew up in Taiwan where she was exposed to a wide range of business and media professionals from around the world. She has over 25 years experience in the media industry and in international marketing...


Mirek Wasowicz

Mirek Wasowicz oversees operations and business development in countries of Central and Eastern Europe as Sales Director CEE in IgnitionOne company. Mirek has more than 15 years experience in digital marketing. Starting his career in computer games industry, he then spent four years working on various emarketing and IT projects in Poland and Sweden. He was also a founder of a lead-generation software company, that he sold before joining IgnitionOne. He worked across a broad range of both B2B and B2C clients including BMW, Volvo, Toyota, Coca-Cola, Wrigley's, T-mobile, to name a few.[link]
Thursday 17 May 14:00

Session: “New media. Actual advertisement and marketing solutions”

place:Digital October

The advertisement is the mover of commerce and for all digital sphere. The advertisement advances together with media. New media advance in many sectors and countries getting ahead traditional media. The quantity of the advertisement in Internet and mobile sphere is often bigger than traditional sectors of advertisement but there are new opportunities and new instruments for marketing and for advertisement campaigns. New media and advertisement synergism gives great forecasts for the future and some of them have already given record results. The speakers from Asia will share their experience in new media.

Thursday 17 May 10:00

Session “Innovative banking technologies of 2012. Modern solutions. Financial and investment partnership of Russian and Asian banks”

place:Digital October

Banks play their part in new digital sphere development. The representatives of world banking system will present new innovative solutions , payment systems and business models in parallel with e-commerce sales volume increasing, monetization of many services, stream of e-money.

Wednesday 16 May 14:00

Session: “Internet and wireless mobile technologies”

place:Digital October

Digital sphere grows everyday. There are practically no companies who did not place part of their business in this digital sphere and some of them placed the whole business into digital sphere and settled down there. The weight of such fact either it's perspectives which are making known not only for social communications but also for wide business aspects is incontestable. And there are even more perspectives in the wireless technologies sphere now. The new generation networks LTE will intercharge fixed connection including Internet. What will it be? How it will be? What benefits you can get knowing and using new services? Answers for all these questions you will be able to know at “Internet and wireless mobile technologies” session.

Wednesday 16 May 10:00

Session: “Entertainment indusrty and the content”

place:Digital October

It is not a secret that content of big size such as audio, music videos, animation, films, games are the main driving force in the digital space. Every day hundreds of millions of people look for such content in the Internet, listen to it, watch, load, share and also create it. For many sectors of big and serious business which is growing in the digital sphere the user's acting with entertainment models, models of preference, recommendations are the base for analytics researches and serious questions decisions making.

Vice President of Product Management Qualcomm CDMA Technologies (QCT)

Raj Talluri serves as vice president of product management for Qualcomm CDMA Technologies (QCT). He is responsible for managing Qualcomm’s applications processor technologies and wired connectivity solutions for the Company’s chipset platforms.

Jessica Kam
Producer, Heart Farm Pictures Film-tv award produser

Jessica Kam is a senior TV executive and film producer who has more than 15 years of experience in film, TV, music, news and digital media, with a wealth of media experience that spanned 3 continents.


Vadim Kulikov
Chairman of the innovative development of the advertising market and commercial communications ACAR

RACA is a non-profit making organization uniting more than 170 member advertising and marketing communications companies offering Media Planning, Media Buying, Strategic Planning, Creative, Internet Advertising, Outdoor Advertising, Sales Promotion, Trade Promotion, Consumer Promotion, Branding, Direct Marketing, Sponsorship, Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising Research, Event Marketing, Design, Packaging, In-Store Advertising and other services. Member companies of the RACA account for the lion's share of the country's advertising spend.

Bill Yanbin Zang
Shanghai Synergy Culture & Entertainment Group

Vice President of Shanghai Synergy Culture & Entertainment Group, Chairman of China Recording Industry Committee, Vice President of China Audio-Video Association

Jean Hsiao Wernheim
a-Peer Holding Group

International Chief Executive, Shanghai Synergy Culture and Entertainment Group; Co-Founder of a-Peer Holding Group.

The first international large-scale event was held in May 2012 in Moscow. There were no events of such a level in Moscow before. 2012 consisted of two parts - Forum and Festival. 
The second day of Forum was more lively. While Sessions were continuing in main conference hall there were also seminars and lectures in additional rooms. 
About the first day read here.
The second day of Forum 2012. 
The second Session "New Media. Advanced Advertizing and Marketing Solutions". 

Friday, September 28, - Reception in honour of Ambassador of Indonesia to the Russian Federation - Djauhari Oratmangun. was among the guests. The reception was devoted to the Trade Expo Indonesia 2012 taking place in October 17-21 in Jakarta.

Great attention was given to APEC 2013 in Indonesia. APEC 2012 in Vladivostok was high estimated by Indonesian Government, and Indonesia would like to follow Russian example. 

Indonesian delegates will come to meet Russian biggest private businessmen as a part of business partnership development. will inform you about all the news!

For taking part in the events send your request at

Djauhari Oratmangun, Indonesian Ambassador to the Russian Federation, and Alexander Shulgin, Founder

The reception was opened by His Highness Ambassador Oratmangun speaking about strengthening relations between Russia and Indonesia, and also about the forthcoming ASEAN summit. Having presented short movies about Indonesia and its amazing nature and unique culture, His Highness Ambassador Oratmangun invited the guests to taste traditional Indonesian food. "You should miss it", - reminds Mr. Oratmangun.

In addition to cordial greeting by the Embassy administration, met there a member of the Supervisory board of Forum, Chairman of Russia-Indonesia Business Council Mikhail Kuritsyn, and also one of the members of Indonesian quartet "SLOVA" and other guests of Forum & Festival, and also our good friends Singapore Airlines represented by its new General Manager in Russia Melvin Ng and Director of Sales and Marketing Lubov Trofimova.

The reception was held in a warm atmosphere.

Anna Avstriyskaya, Head of, and Mikhail Kuritsyn, member of Supervisory board of, Chairman of Russia-Indonesia Business Council