В понедельник, 2 апреля в Совете Федерации Федерального Собрания РФ прошла пресс-конференция, посвященная развитию сотрудничества России и стран Азии. С 16 по 18 мая в Москве пройдет первый российско-азиатский форум rASiA.com, направленный на укрепление деловых и культурных связей между странами.

Thursday 17 May 14:00

Session: “New media. Actual advertisement and marketing solutions”

place:Digital October

The advertisement is the mover of commerce and for all digital sphere. The advertisement advances together with media. New media advance in many sectors and countries getting ahead traditional media. The quantity of the advertisement in Internet and mobile sphere is often bigger than traditional sectors of advertisement but there are new opportunities and new instruments for marketing and for advertisement campaigns. New media and advertisement synergism gives great forecasts for the future and some of them have already given record results. The speakers from Asia will share their experience in new media.

The first international large-scale event rASiA.com was held in May 2012 in Moscow. There were no events of such a level in Moscow before. rASiA.com 2012 consisted of two parts - Forum and Festival.