June 22, 2015, Digital October, Moscow, Russia, Bersenevskaya nab. 6


June 22

MES (Media, Entertainment & Sport) and innovative IT-solutions for these industries


  • Metamorphosis of the television. Is the Internet would kill the television or evolve it?
  • Next Silicon (content) Valley. Where will it be based? Will it be located in Jakarta, Mumbai or Lagos?
  • Second Screen - broadcasting becomes the second screen, but users gadgets - the first
  • The Future of Advertising - friends or / and peer to peer recommendations
  • Features of behavior of the modern viewer - that he chooses and prefers?
  • Working through the Fire Wall - closed states (Russia, China), education, separate Internet (Muslim, children) - Cases of export and import of content and technology
  • Russia and China - Fire Walls - New Great Wall

Media and content

  • Metamorphosis of the media: evolution of TV content transformation
  • What today is understood by watching television?
  • Video as a dominant form of entertainment and content, challenge the traditional broadcaster.
  • Billions volumes of content
  • What is the optimal length of the content? How long is possible to keep the audience before it becomes boring, and it will move to another channel?
  • Virtual reality - a component of the future of content.
  • Personalization of advertising and branding of content
  • Legal aspects: whether the user generated live streaming TV channel? Does the legislation on the channel?

The generation of "Millennium"

  • Young creators and a new generation Millennium. 64% of the world's population is under 30 years
  • Behavioral preferences Millennium. Millennium - decide what to watch and what to subscribe
  • What new experiences and what technologies will drive the Millennium?
  • Vloggers, creators, yuotubers, makers - who are they? The new producers or new stars of tomorrow


  • What could make a new boom of theatre?
  • The new holographic technology, panoramic screens and technology 360 degrees, complemented screens, 7.1 surround sound with multichannel sound
  • Games as a new leader in the entertainment industry
  • Brands and bands
  • Trends in visual effects and sources of creativity for brands


  • Changing the image of the sport under the influence of new technologies
  • The evolution of the perception of the sport on the health of the body to the entertainment activities
  • New media (Netflix, Periskope, Meerkat) and new habits of behavior of the audience while watching sporting events as a challenge to the traditional sports broadcasting and broadcaster
  • The new digital media and new communication channels as an opportunity to direct contact with an audience of millions of followers of famous sportsmen
  • New ways of brand communication with the audience of sports events
  • New possibilities and ways to monetize the audience of sports events and fans
  • Building up cooperation with vloggerami
  • How can sports earning an online broadcasts on the Internet and on mobile devices?
  • How the big sporting events have increased interest in the sport? How to use it to maximize profits?





  • Advanced technology in a business cooperation between Indonesia and Russia
  • E-learning as a base for success
  • Culture and Tourism: let’s get closer
  • Creative Economy:  successful case-studies
  • Indonesia: innovations in commodities market



Organizer: Far East Development Fund

Recently, the government has taken unprecedented steps to establish in the Russian Far East, the most comfortable conditions for business development and implementation of the projects in various sectors. The main guests of the Far East session, which was first held within the framework of the forum, will be entrepreneurs who have been able to find and implement successful business ideas in eastern Russia, the owners of large industrial companies, considering the Far East and Asia as a springboard to expand their business, international experts, representatives of the Fund for the Development of the Far East. The participants will discuss the proposed state preferences, opportunities to support projects by public institutions of development, assess for the competitiveness companies to the Russian Far East and overseas markets, as well as the prospects for attracting investment - both start-ups and in the operating business.


• How could investors take advantage of preferential treatment projects, and tools of state support in the Russian Far East?
• How to create the Russian Far East globally competitive industry?
• How to export experiences and build the Russian Far East tourism industry of the future?
• How to attract long-term funding from Asia to projects at the Russian Far East ?


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