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rASiA Capital | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM

rASiA Capital

Strategic Partners

Far East Development Fund | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM

Far East Development Fund

Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Moscow | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM

Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Moscow

TTC | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM


TTC was founded in 2010 and is built on global logistics and shipping network of Sea Link Lines (South Africa) & marketing trade group Europe (Belgium) both specialized in Logistics and transportation of perishables, Containerized & conventional shipping. 
TTC operates 5 offices; Netherlands, Lithuania, Italy, South Africa & Egypt.
The dynamic team of individuals and companies that work within the TTC network provide an in-depth experience and knowledge in all aspects of the global temperature controlled supply chains Trade, Transport and market intelligence.


ZhilCapInvest | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM


Apartments in Vladivostok


Eurodata TV Worldwide | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM

Eurodata TV Worldwide

Sallfort Privatbank AG | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM

Sallfort Privatbank AG

20th Century Fox | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM

20th Century Fox

New Media Law | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM

New Media Law

MCMS | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM


MIPTV | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM


MIPTV is the world’s most-established TV and digital content market and the biggest gathering of entertainment industry professionals each April. Top television execs and creative talent from 100 countries converge in Cannes to forge early-stage content development partnerships and seal international distribution deals for the year ahead.

MIP Digital Fronts | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM

MIP Digital Fronts

Movielang | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM


Movielang, baptized by the international press as the Spanish Shazam, is a disruptive startup company that enables the audience to interact with the content on real time and create a whole new experience for brands on the second screen.
With a clear focus on the audiovisual industry, Movielang offers solutions to deeper engage with the audience and monetize the new habits in content consumption.


Garuda Indonesia | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM

Garuda Indonesia

The history of Garuda Indonesia as part of the commercial aviation industry in Indonesia started when the young nation was fighting for its independence. The first commercial flight from Calcutta to Rangoon was made on January 26, 1949, using a Douglas DC-3 Dakota aircraft with the tail number of “RI 001” and the name “Indonesian Airways”. In the same year, on December 28, 1949, another DC-3 aircraft registered as “PK-DPD” with the logo “Garuda Indonesian Airways” on its fuselage flew from Jakarta to Yogyakarta to pick up President Soekarno. This was the first flight made under the brand of Garuda Indonesian Airways.
A year later, in 1950, Garuda Indonesia was officially established as a State Corporation. During that period, the company operated a fleet of 38 aircraft comprising 22 DC-3 aircraft, 8 Catalina flying boats, and 8 Convair 240 aircraft. The fleet continued to grow, and Garuda Indonesia made its first flight to Mecca carrying Indonesian hajj pilgrims in 1956. Flight routes by Garuda Indonesia to European countries started in 1965 with Amsterdam as the final destination.
Throughout the 80s, Garuda Indonesia underwent large-scale restructuring for its fleet and operations. It was at these times that the company begun to develop comprehensive training programs for its air and ground crews and established a dedicated training facility in West Jakarta, named the Garuda Indonesia Training Center. The Company also built an Aircraft Maintenance Center at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.
In the early 90s, Garuda Indonesia developed a long-term growth strategy which was applied until the year 2000. The company continued to expand its fleet and Garuda Indonesia also ranked among the 30 largest airlines of the world.
Alongside initiatives in business development, a new management team took office early in 2005, and new plans were formulated for the future Garuda Indonesia. The new management of Garuda Indonesia undertook a comprehensive re-evaluation and across-the-board restructuring of the company. The objective was improving operational efficiency, regaining financial stability that involved efforts in debt restructuring including leasing liabilities from the European Export Credit Agency (ECA), increasing awareness among employees concerning the importance of service to customers and, most importantly, reviving and revitalizing the Garuda Indonesia spirit.
The successful completion of the Company’s debt restructuring program opened the way for Garuda Indonesia to go public in early 2011. 


Ministry of Trade of Indonesia | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM

Ministry of Trade of Indonesia

Digital October | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM

Digital October

Media Grus | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM

Media Grus

Company “Media Grus” represents unique package of services for Russian market, connected to targeted promotion of products and services on data centers market. 
The team of high qualified professionals has the wide experience in the different areas of data centers, provides an expertise in the actual trends and ready to use its high potential to achieve the targets set by our customers.
Publishing house of “Media Grus” has concentrated its efforts in production of high quality content in the following owned media resources: “Russian Data Centers”, news resource, and professional network
The success and exceptional results of Media Grus campaigns are based on the deep professional knowledge in data centers industry, and wide data base opening the options for realization of high-scale advertisement campaigns. An additional advantage of Media Grus is a tight cooperation with various mass-media resources, giving the possibility to publish information materials on side platforms on the best available conditions, and respectively increase the target audience with lower costs. 
Our integrated marketing communications give the guarantee of timely achievements of set targets and provide the high conversion and maximum effectiveness of customer’s financial investments. 
Media Grus is represented by: •    Publishing house •    Marketing agency  •    Analytical agency

Game Show CIS | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM

Game Show CIS

Game Show CIS is the biggest cyber-sport organization in Russian Federation and CIS. 
Game show today is:
•    The leading organizer of off-line cyber-sport events in Russia and CIS, and on-line transcontinental leagues with the most popular games (more than 50 events organized in Russia and CIS during the last 5 years). One of the own Championships is ranked in TOP-5 list of cyber-sport events in the world);
•    Game Show Studio – professional internet TV for gamers (broadcasting of both own content and other leading world championships). Studio owns exclusive rights for more than 60% of the world cyber-sport content represented in Russian language, including international events;
•    Own on-line platforms for cooperation with gamers in Russia and CIS.

Covolution | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM


Educational cross-media project Covolution, dedicated to how the interpenetration of cultures is changing the world in which we live.

Yandex.Money | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM


Yandex.Money is the largest electronic payment service in Russia, according to a 2015 survey by TNS. 
Yandex.Money offers online stores Yandex Payment Solution for accepting online payments by all the methods most popular among residents of Russia and other CIS countries: credit cards (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, and Maestro), Yandex.Money and WebMoney e-wallets, mobile billing through the top Russia/CIS providers, and cash via over 170,000 cash-acceptance points all over Russia. Currently, over 76,000 online stores use Yandex Payment Solution.
Yandex.Money also offers consumers easy, safe, and reliable methods of paying online on its own site and mobile app. The service hosts about 22 million user accounts with about 12,000 new accounts opened daily.


BuzzFactory | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM


BuzzFactory - Digital-marketing agency specialized in managing brands relationships with opinion leaders in social media and the blogosphere.
We have developed an online platform , where there are more than 650 of the most influential bloggers that allows us to effectively allocate sponsored publications and videos from leading opinion leaders LiveJournal, Instagram, YouTube, and track the results of advertising campaigns in real-time through their own system of statistics.
Customers BuzzFactory: L'Oreal, William Grant & Sons, Yves Rocher, Nissan, Europa Plus

Phoenix Capital Partners “Phoenix” | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM

Phoenix Capital Partners “Phoenix”

Phoenix Capital Partners “Phoenix” is a Corporate Finance and Investment Boutique that was established by Mr. Anish Aggarwal and which, through his affiliates, has a truly global presence.
Its’ aim is to create and identify unique opportunities and partnerships around the world, focusing on the Emerging Economies of Africa, China, India, Russia and South America. Phoenix is
currently directing its resources into the following sectors: 

Oil & Gas and Mining; 
Traditional Energy and Renewable Energy; 
Real Estate and Infrastructure; 
Financial Services and Trading.
In the majority of cases, Phoenix will advise, facilitate and add value to companies by helping the shareholders:
1. Thinking through and where necessary, preparing their business plans;
2. Identifying and introducing the appropriate Advisors and Management Team where necessary;
3. Identifying, introducing and investing sources of capital, both debt and equity;
4. Helping a company gain a listing on the appropriate Stock Exchange.
Phoenix will add further value by identifying and introducing strategic partners as investors where appropriate. Phoenix is also looking to identify investment opportunities for its’ clients which include high net worth individuals, institutions and corporates.

Cloud DC | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM

Cloud DC

Cloud DC is a unique IaaS-provider, which is designed especially for delivering cloud technologies to the most demanding to IT-infrastructure customers. Data Center Cloud DC Moscow 1 was built in accordance with highest international standards of reliability, what is proved by certificate TIER III from authoritative Uptime Institute. Due to implemented green technologies our data center is the most eco-friendly and energy efficient facilities in Europe with PUE 1.2 (even if 100% used). Cloud DC is about reliability, what is defined by high performance of our infrastructure and our business strategy. Cloud DC R&D center is working on outstanding products in the sphere of cloud usability and security.

REZZTV | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM


PREZZTV. Get an Eyewitness Video for Your Story!
PREZZTV aims to become a single marketplace for tv channels and digital media, where they can buy copyrighted videos with verification of place, date and time of filming fast and directly from eyewitnesses.
PREZZTV consists of iOS and Android Apps for eyewitnesses and a website for placing orders and buying videos. Our app works on 80% of android devices, this has a decisive importance for regions like the Middle East or Africa where many people use old phones.
We give a free and open access to buy videos and place requests. You don’t have to be an official journalist and don't have to pay for access to REZZTV. Buy only the videos you like, or place requests for users with our apps.
This February PREZZTV (alpha-testing) became an official information partner of FIA Cross-Country Rally World Cup.Public launch: July 2015.
We are looking for investment to fulfill 2016 Strategy to cover 100 events across 6 continents.

Official TV Partner

Golden Media Partner

Official News Agency

TASS | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM


TASS - Russia’s government-run news agency and an integral part of the world media system – has been in the media business since 1904
A staff of more than 1,000 and more than 60 foreign bureaus and 70 regional centers in Russia maintain a steady news flow on line round the clock.
TASS generates a diversified line of news and audio-visual products and services in Russian and English, encompassing practically all aspects of society’s life: politics, the economy, business, international relations, science, culture and sports.
TASS: We know!

International Media Partner

Russia Beyond the Headlines | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM

Russia Beyond the Headlines

Media Partners

RABiP | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM


Russia Today | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM

Russia Today

Moscow Expat Life | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM

Moscow Expat Life

Edutainme | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM


Edutainme is an internet magazine and educational community for discussing the future of education and technologies that are changing it.


School of New Media | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM

School of New Media

The School of New Media is a center of intensive career education for mid- and senior level managers in digital and project management. The main goal of the School of New Media is to teach leadership in strategic and operational management to the managers focused on online communications, creating and growing the online marketing community actively using interactive media and online communications in their business, by educating and re-profiling companies and their representatives. 

Strategy | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM


Business Magazine | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM

Business Magazine

The Business Magazine is the most widely published all-Russian business paper for entrepreneurs, business owners, managers and CEOs. It is published monthly in more than 20 regions of Russia with a total circulation of about 100,000 copies. 
The magazine is an open platform for the exchange of business experience and promotion of modern financial, marketing and management solutions. Spreading information on better business practices, the magazine is focusing on the practical aspects of running a business in Russia.


PRObusiness | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM


HSE | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM


EastRussia | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM


Sport Business Conculting | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM

Sport Business Conculting

NET MEDIATAMA INDONESIA | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM


NET. (Abbreviation of News and Entertainment Television) is a television station network in Indonesia which was officially launched on the 26 May 2013. NET. replace the terrestrial broadcast Spacetoon which is part of its shares have been taken over by Indika Group.[1] In contrast to his show is aimed at a Spacetoon kids, NET. programs. devoted to his family and young viewers. In addition to the terrestrial network, via the NET. also broadcast its content through other communication channels such as social networking and YouTube.

Strelka Institute | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM

Strelka Institute

Theory&Practice | International Innovation Forum rASiA.COM