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From June, 22, till June, 30, the International Business Innovation Forum and the Festival of Contemporary Asian Art united under the name of rAsia.com took place in Moscow. These annual events are becoming more and more popular among professionals interested in innovations and admirers of culture and art.


The entire week from June, 22, there were significant events as a part of the Festival rAsia.com, incendiary gala show and noisy parties, art exhibitions and film screenings happened at various venues of Moscow. A series of events merged into a real holiday, created by the most popular and talented actors of the contemporary Asian art. Moscow citizens and the guests of the city had a great opportunity to observe what a diverse and unique phenomenon the culture of Asia is, and to appreciate the mastery of invited guests.


Sven Lingjaerde, managing Partner of Endeavour Vision SA, will participate in TELL Forum.


Penxy (iPad app that allows the effortless creation of "talking slides" during real events) became official media partner of rASiA.com.


Jérôme Doncieux, CEO of Relaxnews, will participate in New media, current advertising and marketing solutions conference during rASiA.com.


Christian Ulf-Hansen, founder of Plan C Management, TV and Film production company, Big Feat Films and label Telescopic Baby will give a speech at rASiA.com Forum at the «Content and entertainment industry» conference.


Alexander Kaplan, Professor, D.Sc. (psychophysiology and psychopharmacology), Ph.D. (neurophysiology), Head of the Laboratory for Neurophysiology and Neuro-Computer Interfaces (Department of Human Physiology, Faculty of Biology, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University) will give a speech at rASiA.com Forum on 25th of June in AMAZING INNOVATION conference.


Greig Watts - Songwriter/Producer, Publisher and founder of DWB Music LTD – will participate in Content and entertainment industry conference at rASiA.com.


Dmitry Itskov, russian business man, founder and chair, 2045 Initiative President, Global Future 2045 congress – will participate in rASiA.com in AMAZING INNOVATION session.


Skolkovo Entrepreneurship Society became rASiA.com media partner.


Gary Schwartz - who has been named the Mobile Commerce Evangelist of the Year 2013 – will participate in TELL Forum on rASiA.com.


Mirek Wasowicz, Sales Director Eastern Europe in IgnitionOne company, one of the world leaders in Digital Marketing, will participate in New media, current advertising and marketing solutions conference in rASiA.com.


Anil Wanvari - a trade analyst turned media entrepreneur who has many pioneering initiatives to his credit – will participate in rASiA.com in Content and entertainment industry conference.


Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach is Supervisory Board member of TechCity Berlin Adlershof WISTA will participate in rASiA.com during the Wireless mobile technologies and the Internet conference.


Online 24-hour radio station Moscow FМ 105.2 became official media partner of rASiA.com.


Maxim Kamanin – founder of the first national Hi-tech startup according to DIGITAL OCTOBER – will share his business experience on rASiA.com during TELL Forum.