Thursday 17 May 10:00

Session “Innovative banking technologies of 2012. Modern solutions. Financial and investment partnership of Russian and Asian banks”

place:Digital October

Banks play their part in new digital sphere development. The representatives of world banking system will present new innovative solutions , payment systems and business models in parallel with e-commerce sales volume increasing, monetization of many services, stream of e-money.

Moderator of the session:
- Michael Bornhäusser – Founder of Sallfort Privatbank AG, Head of Private Equity, Products & Services, Founder and Managing Partner 5CCG (Switzerland)

Presenter of the session:
- Viktor Orlovskiy – Senior Vice-President of Sberbank of Russia
- Alexey Kartritch – Sberbank of Russia

Special guests:
- Igor Parfyonov – Executive Director of Megafon (Russia)
- Аeroflot company (Russia)
- Qualcomm company (USA)

The speakers:
- Arkadiy Dvorkovitch – Presidential Administration of Russia
- Ruben Aganbegyan – President, CEO of Integrated Exchange
- Vladimir Davydov – Co-founder, Managing Partner of Completo company
- Garegin Tosunyan – President of Association of Russian banks
- Dmitriy Ananyev – Head of Committee of Financial Markets and Currency Circulation of Russian Parliament
- Ruben Vardanyan – CEO of Group of Companies "Troyka Dialog"
- Stanislav Naumov – Vice-President of "Skolkovo" fund
- Jay Waidun – President of "Commercial and industrial bank of China" JSCB
- Valeriy Tikhonovitch – Deputy to CEO of Qulix Systems
- Sergey Chernomorov – Chairman of the board of directors of Handy Bank
- Sergey Mednov – Member of the board “Alfa Bank” JSC, Head of “Information technologies” department in “Alfa Bank” JSC
- Lu Wai – Vice-President of “Bank of China” JSCB
- Alexander Blank – CEO of WMP ООО UBS Bank
- Ferdinando Pelaccio – Head of UBI Group representation in Russia
- Gao Zhun – Head of Building bank of China representation in Russia
- and also representatives of such companies as Microsoft, MFM Solutions, Sberbank of Russia, VTB, GC IT, Vimpelcom, iDA Mobile, MegaLabs, NB Trust, venture funds, national organizations, business associations and professional units.

Who can be interested in it?

It can be interesting for banking sphere representatives, all financial sociaty and also for those who deals with e-commerce or any work in digital sphere (Internet and mobiles). For those who organizes start-ups or helps to do them. For those who plans to invest money in new innovative projects or to place their capital there. For the advertisement agencies and marketing managers. And for those who plan to have business with Asian companies, especially from such coutries as China, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.
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