Meeting of TV experts in Moscow

Moscow, November 20-21, - Big event for TV industry - Le Rendez-Vous Moscou 2012 - took place in Moscow. Russian TV society met their foreign colleagues and discuss future plans of market developing. took part in the event for the purpose of expanding its activity and popularization of innovations into mass market on the example of TV industry. 

Le Rendez-Vous took place in National Hotel with the best view for autumn Red Square. There were fruitful business meetings during two days of the event, and a coctail for participants in the evening where all the discussion continued in less formal atmosphere. 

Mathieu Bejot, Executive Director of TV France International – organizer of Le Rendez-Vous Moscou – greeted participants and told about succsessful work of his company in TV market and how the market will expand in the future. negotiated to Mathieu Bejot about the expanding and sharing experiences in the context of innovations in TV industry and new forms of content - digital, interactive, cross-platform - from French colleagues. This idea had great responce from French delegation and will be presented next year. 

Specially for Mathieu commented the event:

"It's already seventh time Le Rendez-Vous taking place in Moscow, and we already have our vision for Russian TV market - how and where everything is moving. We like to work with Russia, with Russian TV market. And it's great to be here even though we have a lot of TV events in the world. For example, MIPCOM is great, but when we are here in Moscow we think only about Russia, about local market every minute, 24 hours. And it's more succsessful! This year there were 35 companies at Le Rendez-Vous Moscou, and it's great! It's more than we had last time. Next year we would like to see more producers. For production it's already enough. And of course as we agreed we are going to find new platforms, including mobile, new content and we would like to see more people involved in TV industry. And maybe next time we will come not only to Moscow, but to St-Petersburg also."

Anna Avstriyskaya, Head of, and Mathieu Bejot, Executive Director of TV France International