Moscow International Forum for Innovative Development "Open Innovations". Resume

Moscow, October 31 –  November 2, - Moscow International Forum for Innovative Development "Open Innovations". More than 10 thousands people, including about 4 thousands foreigners, visited Moscow Expocenter.

More than 600 media were accredited at the Forum. Among guests and speakers: Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister of Russia, Vladislav Surkov, Deputy Chairman of Government of Russian Federation, Arkady Dvorkovich, Deputy Prime Minister of Russian Federation, Oleg Fomichev, State Secretary, Deputy Minister and Chairman of Program Committee of the Forum, Anatoly Chubais, First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, Viktor Vekselberg, Andrey Sharonov, Alexey Komissarov and many others high-ranking persons, businessmen, governors and mayors. A lot of world leading companies, founds, universities and social organizations wew represented at the Forum. 

The first day started with key-note speech of Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister of Russia. He mentioned priorities of development of Russia, its place in the world economics and role of innovations in its development.

Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister of Russia

Interview with Sir Richard Branson was held by Alexandra Johnson, Managing Director of DFJ VTB Aurora

Interview with Sir Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson promised to collaborate with Russian businessmen and governmental structures and informed about opening of Virgin Green Found together with Rusnano. He also said that he is working on opening of virtual operator Virgin Mobile and и opening flights to Russia for his company Virgin Airlines. He also met younf innovators and told him about his succees, how he begun, and answered to their questions. 

After interview with Sie Richard Branson

There were a lot of interesting sessions about innovations in every sphere during the Forum. One ot the sessions was dedicated to outer industry. Mikhail Kokorich, Founder and head of Dauria - the first biggest project in outer space - presented his speech. 

There was also 3D guitar presented during the Forum. In the nearest future we will print a lot of useful things with 3D printer. Music specialist high appreciated sound of the 3D guitar and its ergonomic design. 

Ralph Simon and Alexander Shulgin with 3D guitar

There are also business breakfast during the Forum. The most interesting of them was business breakfast orginized by Moscow Government. A range of world leading specialists were invited to the breakfast to find solutions for reforming of Moscow ecosystem. supported the Forum and co-orginized a range of round tables and sessions. invited world-wide speakers, a good friend of, and helped with the Forum programming. 

Working moments - Ralph Simon discusses a necesity of creative unit

One of the most interesting sessions was “Innovations in media”. Media development and its transfer to digital were discussed. Speakers considered that media is changing its system of managment and now it bacames more emotional. 

Session "Innovations in Media". Among speakers:
Vasiliy Gatov, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, RIA Novosti,
Alexander Shulgin, Founder, President, (Familia),
Ralph Simon, Chairman Emeritus & Founder, Mobile Entertainment Forum; CEO, Mobilium Global Group companies,
Annelies Van Den Belt, Chief Executive Officer , SUP Media,
Maxim Kashulinskiy, Chief Executive Officer,,
Demyan Kudryavtsev, Former Chief Executive Officer, Kommersant,
Givi Topchishvili, Chief Executive Officer, Global Advertising Strategies,
Evgeny Kuznetsov, Director of the Innovation Support and Social Programs, RVC;
Kathleen Kennedy, Chief Strategy Officer, Technology Review, Massachusetts Institute of Technology