rASiA.com at Reception in honour of Ambassador of Indonesia to the Russian Federation

Friday, September 28, - Reception in honour of Ambassador of Indonesia to the Russian Federation - Djauhari Oratmangun. rASiA.com was among the guests. The reception was devoted to the Trade Expo Indonesia 2012 taking place in October 17-21 in Jakarta.

Great attention was given to APEC 2013 in Indonesia. APEC 2012 in Vladivostok was high estimated by Indonesian Government, and Indonesia would like to follow Russian example. 

Indonesian delegates will come to meet Russian biggest private businessmen as a part of business partnership development. rASiA.com will inform you about all the news!

For taking part in the events send your request at info@rasia.com.

Djauhari Oratmangun, Indonesian Ambassador to the Russian Federation, and Alexander Shulgin, rASiA.com Founder

The reception was opened by His Highness Ambassador Oratmangun speaking about strengthening relations between Russia and Indonesia, and also about the forthcoming ASEAN summit. Having presented short movies about Indonesia and its amazing nature and unique culture, His Highness Ambassador Oratmangun invited the guests to taste traditional Indonesian food. "You should miss it", - reminds Mr. Oratmangun.

In addition to cordial greeting by the Embassy administration, rASiA.com met there a member of the Supervisory board of rASiA.com Forum, Chairman of Russia-Indonesia Business Council Mikhail Kuritsyn, and also one of the members of Indonesian quartet "SLOVA" and other guests of rASiA.com Forum & Festival, and also our good friends Singapore Airlines represented by its new General Manager in Russia Melvin Ng and Director of Sales and Marketing Lubov Trofimova.

The reception was held in a warm atmosphere.

Anna Avstriyskaya, Head of rASiA.com, and Mikhail Kuritsyn, member of Supervisory board of rASiA.com, Chairman of Russia-Indonesia Business Council