Creativity is Currency of the Future orginized session «The role of creativity in the innovation sphere» on 20th Semtember as part of XXIII Russian Venture Fair and III Baikal Venture Fair.

Speaker from Clark Parsons, Managing Director of Berlin School of Creative Leadership told about the role of creativity in different aspects of business and social sphere. Clark showed that creativity and innovations stand inseparable and develop in strict sequence – first creativity arrears, then innovation follows it, and the creativity forms innovative process.

Alexander Shulgin – Founder of, Victor Grigorov – one of the heads of Sberbank – Baikal bank, Igor Borisov - Deputy Mayor, Chairman of committee on social policy and culture of Irkutsk Parliament on the Plenary session opening listen speech of Clark Parsons

Clark's examples was very forceful for attendees, and his advices for the Region during Plenary session opened XXIII Russian Venture Fair and III Baikal Venture Fair elicited applause.

«There is specify cycle – scientific revolution causes technological revolution, then cultural revolution follows, and again scientific revolution continues», - Alexander Shulgin, Head of, told during his speech as a part of session «The role of creativity in the innovation sphere». – «It's exact rhythm, and it's a necessity. Creativity is not songs or dansing, it's a creative approach to any business. And creative approach gives us an up-to-date innovative disicion. Creative approach is a necessary precursor for effective innovative desicions. It's not a mean, it’s a necessity. And we may say that creativity is currency of the future».

There are a lot of attendees' questions after the session, so that the session overpassed time-limit. This points to the fact that interes to the theme was felt by organizers of the session

There are more than 30 themes and panel discussions during the Fair sessions. Representatives of venture founds, Skolkovo, ROSNANO, RVK, Parliament of Tatarstan, Krasnoyarsk, Sverdlovsk, Tomsk regions, and a range of other companies was involved in interesting discussions. Oleg Fomichev, State secretary, Deputy Minister for Economic Development of Russian Federation, mentioned high level of the Fair.

Victor Kondrashov, Mayor of Irkutsk, expressed his confidence that events of such a level will be regular for Irkutsk land.

After the Fair its organizers and management came to agreement about future collaboration as in Irkutsk, so in events held as a part of XXIII Russian Venture Fair and III Baikal Venture Fair.