rASiA.com at Russian-China meeting

We are glad to inform you that rASiA.com took part in meeting with the biggest Chinese private business structures on 12th September in Moscow. 

Russian and Chinese collaboration has its progress. Large delegation of representatives of the biggest private business structures in China came to Moscow after APEC summit in Vladivostok. The meeting was opened by Li Hui, Ambassador in China to Russia. Mr. Hui was very delighted and warmly speaking about strengthening collaboration.

Boris Titov, Presidential Commissioner for Entrepreneurs’ Rights, and Alexander Shokhin, President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, took floor from Russian side. 

Chen Feng, Chairman of HNA Group Co., the biggest Chinese private corporation with more than 100 thousand employees, more than 100 hotels, 460 private airports, 400 planes, and real estate and industrial facilities. Mr. Feng was very kindly talking about prospectives of collaboration between Russian and Chinese businessmen, and about common interest of two countries and nations. 

Russian speakers toke the floor in turns with Chinese ones. Oleg Deripaska, Chief executive officer of Basic Element company, Igor Emelyanov, Head of Aviazapchasti, Vladimir Lepin, Vice-president of Machinery & Industrial Group, Galina Fomina, Vice-president of ALFA BANK and Vice-president of Association of Russian Banks, and of course Igor Putin, representative of banking sphere and cousin of Russian President.

rASiA.com was presented by three participants – Alexander Shulgin, Head of rASiA.com, Galina Fomina, member of Supervisory board of rASiA.com, and Igor Putin, representative of partner company of rASiA.com 2012. 

rASiA.com was highly estimated by participants of the meeting. There was number of initiatives planned out during the meeting together with representatives of Russian and Chinese business structures (in particular with Delong Holding Limited, which is the main share holder of the biggest cinema production company in China besides its core activity), and with Embassy of China.

Александр Шульгин, основатель rASiA.com, Чрезвычайный и Полномочный Посол Китайской Народной Республики в Российской Федерации Ли Хуэй и Галина Фомина, Вице-президент Альфа Банка и член Попечительского совета rASiA.com
Alexander Shulgin, Founder of rASiA.com, Li Hui, Ambassador in China to Russia, and Galina Fomina, Vice-president of ALFA BANK, Vice-president of Association of Russian Banks and member of Supervisory board of rASiA.com

For additional information find News at www.rasia.com, and also our weekly digest.

China delegates:

- Mr. Gan Lianfang - Chairman and President of Beijing Xing Pai Group
- Mr. Chen Feng - Chairman of HNA Group Co.,Ltd
- Mr. Guo Zhanchun - Chairman of Inner Mongolia Nailun Group
- Mr. Fu Jun - Board Chairman and President of MACROLINK Group
- Mr. Zhang Zhengyu - Chairman of Beijing Hi-tech Wealth Investment Developing Co.,Ltd
- Mr. Sun Hengchao - Board Chairman of Baota Petrochemical Group
- Mr. Hu Chengzhong - Board Chairman and CEO of China Delixi Holding Group Co.,Ltd
- Mr. Zheng Yuewen - Board Chairman of CREAT Group
- Mr. Deng Wei - Chairman of Bright Oceans Corporation
- Mr. Liu Zhiqiang - Chairman of Heung Kong Group
- Mr. Zhao Yiwu - Board Chairman and President of Beijing Naton Techology Group Co.,Ltd
- Mr. Liu Jianguo - Chairman of Shanghai Povos Enterprise(Group)Co.,Ltd
- Mr. Ding Liguo - Board Chairman of Delong Holdings Co.,Ltd
- Mr. Dang Yanbao - President of Baofeng Energy Co.,Ltd

Russian delegates:

一、 俄总统企业家权益全权代表、俄中实业家理事会主席季托夫(致辞)
Boris Titov - Presidential Commissioner for Entrepreneurs’ Rights, Chairman of Russian-Chinese Business Council 
二、 俄工业企业家联盟主席、俄前副总理绍欣(致辞)
Alexander Shokhin - President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
三、 俄罗斯铝业集团总裁、俄“基础元素”集团公司总经理、全球十大首富杰里帕斯卡
Oleg Deripaska – Chief executive officer of Basic Element company
四、 俄储蓄银行行长格列佛
German Gref - President, Chairman of the Board of Sberbank Russia 
五、 俄Viholding国际投资集团总裁马希斯基
Vitaliy Maschitskiy - President of Viholding Group 
六、 俄CИСТЕМА集团公司总经理沙莫林
Mikhail Shamolin - President of AFK "Sistema"
七、 俄远东发展部部长助理、俄中机电创新产品贸易促进会责任秘书、俄中经贸合作中心主席萨纳科耶夫
Sergey Sanakoev – Deputy Minister of Russia for Far East Developing
八、 俄EN+集团公司总经理沃雷涅茨
A. Volnets - CEO of En+ Group
九、 俄基础元素集团公司国际事务部部长佛金
E. Fokin – Director for international cooreration
十、 俄Метрополь集团国际事务部部长维利克列德查宁
Oleg Velikoredchanin - Head of Department for international activity of IFK Metropol
十一、 俄Viholding投资集团公司中国和亚太项目部总经理阿科皮扬
Aram Akopyan - Director for China and A/P region of Viholding Group 
十二、 俄Vimetco铝业集团副总经理马西斯基
P. Maschitsky - Deputy Financial Director of Vimetko
十三、 俄Viholding投资集团公司副总裁阿卡普金
V. Agapkin - Vice-president of Viholding Group