rASiA.com and welcome day of Berlin School of Creative Leadership in "BBDO Kitchen"

rASiA.com team attended welcome day of Berlin School of Creative Leadership taking place on 6th September in "BBDO Kitchen". Berlin School of Creative Leadership was opened in 2006, but success is already huge – one in ten graduates wins international contests. 16% awards of the most upmarket event in advertising – Cannes Lions 2011 – were taken by its graduates.

Berlin School of Creative Leadership gives great attention to creative approach in any sphere and prepares leaders in advertising, media, entertainment and close fields. 

Clark Parsons, Managing Director of Berlin School of Creative Leadership came to Moscow and told about the school, problems of modern educational system, and why it is so important to educate for creative leadership.

rASiA.com is going to work closely with Berlin School of Creative Leadership. A number of sessions orginized by rASiA.com together with III Baikal Venture Fair and XXII Russian Venture Fair and Berlin School of Creative Leadership will be held during the next rASiA.com event - rASiA.com Visiting Session taking part on 20-21 September in Irkutsk. 

There is a stand for awards in "BBDO Kitchen". The awards was taken by BBDO Moscow on international contents. rASiA.com team was happy to find two awards from USA, which are directly relevant to rASiA.com. This is AdVision Awards, where Alexander Shulgin (rASiA.com Founder) is judge from Russia. Alexander was directly involved in BBDO awarding. The awards became a symbol that collaborations between rASiA.com and BBDO will make creative progress.