Abi F Jones

Always  looking  up  to  her  opera  singing  mother  and  multi  instrumentalist  father,  music  is  all   
she   has   ever   known.  Writing   her   own  material   since   she  was   just   ten   years   old   she   cites   
strong   female  power  houses  Aretha  Franklin,  Etta   James,  Cristina  Aguilera,  Alicia  Keys  and   
Beyonce  as  her  inspirations.    
Growing  up  hearing  everything   from  The  Beach  Boys   to  Madame  Butterfly,   her   influences   
are  reflected  in  her  songwriting.  Creating  positive,  diverse  and  uplifting  melodies,  her  catchy   
and  memorable  lyrics  leave  a  light  hearted  and  empowered  blueprint.    
Busy  working  hard   in   the   studio   and  planned   collaborations  on   the  way  with   some  of   the   
UK’s   newest   breaking   artists,   Abi   F   Jones   is   serious   about   her   craft.  With   big   dreams   and   
emotional  drive,  writing  and  performing  is  where  her  heart   lies.  Abi   is  a  born  star.  For  her,   
music  runs  deep  and  with  the  backing  of  her  band  she  is  here  to  let  the  world  know  about  it.