Ekaterina Abramova

Ekaterina Abramova - artist. She works in styles of Post-Impressionism, Symbolism and experiments in Abstractionism. Ekaterina practices painting and graphic arts in mixed technique and uses different materials: oil, acrylic, water-color.
Born in 1979 in Moscow region, is a mother of three children.
E. Abramova received her first lessons on composition and artwork from her father Alexander Abramov, an artist and wood carver. She graduated from children’s art school with honors, studied in Abramtsevo College of Art named after V. M. Vasnetsov and private art studio. In 2007 E. Abramova graduated from the State Academic Institute of Art, Sculpture and Architecture named after I. E. Repin (St. Petersburg), diploma with honors.
The same year she was granted a gold medal “250th anniversary of the Russian Academy of Arts” and a gold medal “National endowment” by the International Charity Fund “Philanthropists of the Century”.
In 2007 she received a citation from the Russian Academy of Fine Arts for the participation in the exhibition "Academic School", dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the Academy. She was also nominated for the State Presidential Scholarship in arts.
Ekaterina is a member of the Union of Russian Artists from 2009, a member of Art Fund International from 2008, and a member of the Creative Union of Professional Artists from 2011, also a member of the Art Indulge Foundation.

Group exhibitions: City gallery (Sergiev-Posad (1996); “Club Des Arts” gallery (Moscow, 1997); gallery expositions – “Aktsia" (Moscow, Central House of Artists (CHA), 1997), “Albatros” (exposition, Moscow, 1998–2000), “Vahtangov” (Moscow, CHA, 1999), “Bagira” (Moscow, 1999–2000), creative union “NUR” (CHA, 2001), “Art Club” (CHA, 2002), Royal Academy of Arts (Stockholm, 2004), Cultural Centre (Arras, France, 2004); series of exhibitions of modern Russian artists (Italy, 2005), award winner of International Youth Forum exhibition (Moscow, 2006); “Moscow and Moscovites” in the exhibition center of the Union of Russian Artists (Moscow, 2006); award winner of the exhibition “Philanthropists of the Сentury” (Tretyakov State gallery, Moscow, 2007); “Relics of Moscow Region” in the Moscow region gallery (2007); “Awakening” in the State exhibition museum “Heritage” (Moscow, 2007); Tretyakov State gallery (Moscow, 2007); exhibition “Academic School”, dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts (Malyi Manezh, Moscow, 2007); gallery “Bis” (Manezh, 2007); Orthodox Cultural Center (Moscow, 2008); gallery “Art-Club” (CHA, Moscow, 2008); society “Face”, exhibition “Family and creativity” (CHA, 2008); international exhibition “Eros 2009” (Moscow, 2009); Festival of arts “Traditions and the Present”, Manezh (Moscow, 2009); international exhibition “Eros 2010” (Moscow, 2010); gallery “Art-Iar” (Moscow, 2010); “A Journey Beyond the Three Seas”, Roerich museum (Moscow, 2011); Visual Art Gallery (London, 2012); Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre (Delhi, India, 2012); State gallery of Fine Arts, (Hyderabad, 2012); “Liber Arte” (Hungary, 2012).

Personal exhibitions: House of Friendship (Moscow, 1998); Embassy of Finland (Moscow, 2000); German-Russian House (Moscow, 2000); Embassy of Germany (Moscow, 1999–2001); “Arte Vita Style” (Moscow, 2001); gallery “Art-Business” (St. Petersburg, 2003); cultural centre “Rossinka” (Moscow, 2005); gallery “Bezh” (Moscow, 2005); art gallery “Elena” of the CHA (Moscow, 2006); German House (Moscow, 2006); Landrasampt (Konstantz, Germany, 2007); Burg Hohenklingen (Switzerland 2008г); Embassy of the Russian Federation (Bern, Switzerland, 2008); German House (Moscow, 2008); Art Fund International (Moscow, 2008); cultural center “Rossinka” (Moscow 2009); gallery “Open Air” (India, Goa, 2009); Тilting art gallery (Poona, India, 2010); art gallery “Fusion” (Moscow, 2011); Embassy of India (Moscow, 2011); art cafe “Exhibition” (Moscow, 2011), Russian Center of Science and Culture (Delhi, India 2012).

Her works are in private collections in Russia, Germany, Finland UK, France, Italy, Switzerland, India.