After they played in numerous bands, they met and formed “STRAND” to pursue their music passion

They formed the band in 1995, wrote many songs and have been playing live. Their highly technical music represents scenery and atmosphere.


STRAND took a break for a few years to think what the modern progressive hard rock is, and completed a hard music ,which is like a sound track, with irregular time.

STRAND has been progressing using their music experience while providing their music to TV programs.

STRAND proudly presents “Breathing in peaks” to you. We hope our message will reach your heart.

He took the first place in the “Phrase Perfect Copy Contest” held by Shinko Music’s “Young Guitar” when he was a university student. His beautiful and skillful guitar technique is highly regarded by many music professionals.

He made a major debut at age 20 as a drummer of a progressive hard rock band. His unique world charmed his fans and it became legendary among them.